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INTEFAB provides centralized fabrication solutions and enhanced clinical care products to the orthotic, prosthetic and podiatry industry in Southern Africa. We have partnered with leaders in product design and manufacturing that are proven to be the benchmark of the industry. These partnerships enable the provision of conservative bespoke leather, thermoplastic, cutting edge carbon graphite and the latest 3D printing manufacturing technology. This ensures we offer innovatively prefabricated, semi-custom and custom orthotic prosthetic solutions to our customers.

Our goal is to support the industry and enable more efficient manufacturing and patient care platforms. We have carefully selected products and services that are clinically researched, disruptive and new to the market. A strong emphasis has been made to help develop and promote reimbursement possibilities for the CPO professional.

INTEFAB is a central point of contact for the provider that wants to improve his existing clinical care and manufacturing platform, or to the provider that sees the benefit of complete outsourcing.

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