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Pivot™ is an articulated, self-aligning, low profile AFO hinge. It is used in exactly the same manner as the typical flexure joint.

One of the secrets to Pivot™ low profile is the use of stainless steel fastening nuts that pass through and extend past the hinge plates.

Size (mm)

This extension is encapsulated within the thickness of the AFOs plastic and allows for maximum thread engagement without adding to the overall projection. The stainless-steel construction of both screws and nuts resists cross threading and will not strip.

Pivot is the orthotic hinge you have been looking for that gives you an opportunity to control sagittal plane motion without the bulk of traditional urethane hinge bodies or double action ankle joints.

The end result is an elegant and attractive AFO (that fits in a shoe) and a functionally engineered pivot!


  • Lowest profile AFO joint on the market
    • 7 times thinner than Tamarack
    • No medial or lateral shoe interference
  • One Pediatric and one Adult size (reduced inventory)
  • Smooth anatomical hinge mechanism
  • Medical grade stainless steel construction
  • None strip, embedded stainless steel nut and steel screw
  • 2 million cycle test


  • Provides some torsional resistance
  • Single-axis hinge design prevents M-L deformation when using DF limiters like X-tension Bands (otherwise referred to as fish-mouthing).
  • Designed to work independently or as a family of components with Snapstop and X-tension.


  • No alignment jig needed
  • Hinge Plates are customizable and form easily to the positive model
  • No molding blanks (vacuum form over the joint)


Pivot Punch: for fast and accurate assembling and fabrication

2 Million cycle test

The pivot ankle joints underwent a 2 million cycle test. Using a 125 kg simulated patient, the joints survived the test with only minimal wear and tear.

Though LaunchPad’s PIVOT™ can be used separately for free motion AFOs, it works best in combination with LauchPad SNAPSTOP™ for ROM limiting AFO’s.

Consider using LaunchPad’s TRIO of innovations, the PIVOT™ ankle joints in combination with the SNAPSTOP™ and the X-TENSION™ to achieve desired shank-to-floor alignments and tuning optimization. It increases third rocker power, contralateral step length, and single-limb stance stability.

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