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Rotator de-rotation straps are designed for pediatric patients with internal or external foot rotation that impairs gait. Proper gait mechanics are critical to improving mobility and restoring strength. Rotators are made with a latex-free material that combines comfort with the compressive elasticity needed to control rotation. Rotator can be worn next to the skin or over top of clothing.


  • Soft, comfortable compressive material.
  • No roping.
  • One size fits all (Pediatric only).
  • Can be used with lace or strap shoes.
  • Infinite attachment points on the waist belt due to the use of hook & loop.
  • Can be fitted by starting from the shoe and wrapping up to the waist belt.


  • Improves foot projection angle.
  • Promotes heel strike.
  • Normalizes stance phase mechanics.
  • Promotes strengthening.
  • Noe elastic material does not promote crouching
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