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SNAPstop™ is an adjustable plantar-flexion stop that lets you make on the spot changes for an exact sagittal alignment.

  • Different thicknesses for different ROM settings
  • Toolless Plug-n-play stops
  • Large impact surface
  • Noise damping material

Available for purchase

  • Kits: 16 Molding Blanks (dummy), 4 of each
  • Sets: 1 molding blank, 1 stop
  • Pieces: individual units

Size (mm)


  • Best adjustable posterior stop on the market in 6 key criteria:
    1. Cost – least expensive on the market
    2. Adjustability – largest range of motion
    3. Noise – extremely quite
    4. Durability – no reported failures in 15 years on the market
    5. Fabrication – simple encapsulation during vacuum forming
    6. Profile – lowest profile available
  • Largest impact surface of any adjustable stop.
  • No tools needed for adjustment.
  • Pediatric and Adult sizes.
  • Angled bumper heads maintain full surface contact throughout adjustable range.
  • Designed to work with X-tension.
  • Limits shoe interference.
  • Can be removed to allow plantar flexion for driving.
  • Additional bumpers can be added to increase dorsiflexion while sleeping for additional gastrocnemius/soleus stretch.


  • Allows for simple post fitting optimization of the shank angle.
  • R1 and/or R2 ranges can be accommodated and functional gains managed
  • Will not wear or compress, preserving the sagittal alignment over time and preventing functional regression.
  • Encourages collaboration with referrals and confidence that you have attention to detail to optimize the performance and outcomes for your patient
  • No adjustment of AFO body required


  • The molding blank is designed to be cut through and is not reusable
  • No specialized tooling required
  • Huge customization potential, adult and pediatric-specific kits

Though LaunchPad’s SNAPSTOP™ can be used with most orthotic ankle hinges to provide a superior and adjustable plantar blocker, it works best in combination with LauchPad PIVOT™  low profile ankle joint.

Consider using LaunchPad’s TRIO of innovations, the PIVOT™ ankle joints in combination with the SNAPSTOP™ and the X-TENSION™ to achieve desired shank-to-floor alignments and tuning optimization. It increases third rocker power, contralateral step length, and single limb stance stability.

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