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X-Tension™-band allows you to finetune dorsal flexion and attribute shank angle resistance.


  • No other comparable product on the market.
  • Designed to work with Snapstop
  • Pediatric and Adult sizes.
  • Simple post fitting adjustment.
    • 4 thicknesses provide increasing resistance
  • Static X-tension provides rigid support to make your orthosis perform like a solid AFO. Transition to an articulated AFO is a simple, in clinic, process.
  • Dynamic X-tensions are made of a tough, durable material that resists cutting and will not become brittle.
  • Static X-tensions are made of a polymer encapsulated nylon webbing that adds static resistance to dorsiflexion.
    • Pediatric X-tensions are rated for over 700 lbs. of force.
    • Adult X-tensions are rated for over 1100 lbs. of force.


  • This product needs to be installed with some tension on it. Since there is always some play when using rivets, be sure to follow the guidelines related to locating the attachment holes.
  • Dynamic X-tensions use standard speedy rivets.
  • Static X-tensions need stronger rivets – copper is recommended.
  • Static X-tensions are not intended to be used as a “check cord”. They should be installed without any slack.


  • Assists in stabilizing sagittal plane knee instabilities.
  • Increases patient confidence to advance the knee over the foot by resisting dorsiflexion.
  • Improves push off at terminal stance.
  • Increases step length and cadence.
  • Resolves externally rotated foot projections (excessive toe-out).
  • Post fabrication tool for optimizing gait performance.

Though LaunchPad’s PIVOT™ can be used separately for free motion AFOs, it works best in combination with LauchPad SNAPSTOP™ for ROM limiting AFO’s.

Consider using LaunchPad’s TRIO of innovations, the PIVOT™ ankle joints in combination with the SNAPSTOP™ and the X-TENSION™ to achieve desired shank-to-floor alignments and tuning optimization. It increases third rocker power, contralateral step length, and single-limb stance stability.

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