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Optima Molliter is an Italian family-owned company based in the Marche region. This business has a long and proud lineage that has seen it evolve from a shoe manufacturing company started way back in 1894. Though the core business has evolved, the rich Italian style and pursuit for perfection remain unmistakable.

Today Optima Molliter is a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of diabetic and therapeutic lower limb products. INTEFAB has chosen the award-winning Optima Motus for primary launch in the Southern African markets. To ensure full clinical coverage the Body Armor® Pro Term has been included in our product offering.

Optima SBi Motus 2.0

PUZZLE 3*3 Insole Kit


Body Armor® Pro Term

Patients with an active diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) or those with a history of a DFU are often prescribed footwear or casts to reduce pressure on the affected area of the foot. Poor wearing compliance is a major reason for failure in wound management. During the first 2 weeks of healing walking, just 1000 steps per day decrease the rate of healing by 5.2% a day.

The SBi Motus is a fully customizable walker boot that has proven to meet stringent off-loading principles whilst facilitating ease of use and increased compliance. The aim is to significantly reduce healing time, enhancing the quality of life and allowing patients as much self-sufficiency and individuality as possible.

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