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The Body Armor® Pro Term is an interim orthosis for conservative follow-up treatment following Chopart and Lisfranc amputations worn for approximately 10 weeks following an amputation. The Body Armor® Pro Term offers a treatment option to allow the foot stump to completely heal during this time. Thereafter a conventional, custom-made shoe is worn.


  • Ready-made orthosis with large customization potential
  • Wedge-shaped outsole and insole in dorsal extension ensure rear weight-bearing.
  • Stable, ankle-spanning shaft stabilises the upper & lower ankle prevents contractures
  • Blue inlay with integrated pump compresses and helps manage swelling.
  • Perfect fit through air compression.
  • Easy inflation and deflation using an integrated system.
  • High level of customization.
  • Universal fit Left/Right in two sizes.


  • Body Armor Pro Term adjustment and fitting brochure


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