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  • High Leg-Foot Walker developed by Optima Molliter for the treatment of diabetic plantar ulcers or lesions.
  • Treatment indication on the DFA (Diabetic Foot Offloading Algorithm)
  • An excellent alternative to generic shaped therapeutic walkers


  • Full foot offloading boot
  • Includes:
    • 1 Puzzle kit 3×3 insole
    • non-removable system
    • protective sock
  • Removable fully rocking sole
  • Adjustable strap fixing system
  • Removable/adjustable thermoformable breathable liner.
  • Rigid anterior protection for tibia
  • Customisable locking system
  • Cost-effective solution to total contact casting
  • Intimate yet unilateral design
  • 5 sizes: S (34-36), M (37-39), L (40-42), XL (43-45), XXL (46-48)S (34-36), M (37-39), L (40-42), XL (43-45), XXL (46-48)


  • Pivotal in the prevention and treatment of plantar DFUs
  • Can be made non-removable, if desired.
  • Efficacy on par with total contact casting (the previous gold standard for DFU treatment)
  • Rocking sole ensures the preservation of gait biomechanics
  • Removable thermoformable liner tolerates multiple adjustments
  • Includes customisable insole

Therapeutic indications

  • Post-operative offloading
  • Post-fracture
  • Foot stabilisation
  • Serious ankle sprains
  • Metatarsal fractures, post-surgery use
  • Ankle fractures


Insole adjustment and fitting brochure.


  • Optima SBI instruction for use manual
  • Optima Molliter full brochure
  • Wound care Algorithm (download)
  • An Off-the-Shelf Instant Contact Casting Device for DFUs (download)
  • Preservation of gait biomechanics during offloading treatment (download)
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