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Founded in 2018 and located in Minneapolis, MN, LaunchPad O&P is a rising orthotic design and development company built on applied learning and clinical experience. LaunchPad designs and develops orthotic components and products based on the principles of functionality and comfort. They provide the innovation that allows practitioners to create positive outcomes. Hence their tagline of “Innovating Outcomes”.

LaunchPad’s components for custom AFO’s

  • smartly developed
  • super low profile
  • on the go gait/orthotic tuning
  • superior compliance

Pivot™ is an articulated, self-aligning, low profile AFO hinge. It is used in exactly the same manner as the typical flexure joint.

SNAPstop™ is an adjustable plantar-flexion stop that lets you make on the spot changes for exact sagittal alignment.

X-Tension™-band is a post fitting/ fabrication dorsiflexion limiter for custom AFOs. It is designed to prevent drop off at terminal stance by resisting (Dynamic X-tension) or stopping (Static X-tension) tibial progression over the foot.

Rotator de-rotation straps are designed for pediatric patients with internal or external foot rotation that impairs gait. control rotation. Rotator can be worn next to the skin or over top of clothing.

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